Pet-Friendly Floors

Shopping for floor and wondering what’s best for both you and your furry roommates? Since over 50% of Canadian households have at least one dog or one cat, there’s a good chance you might be! Between nails, fur, messes and everything else, top things to consider include:

• Durability

• Stain Resistance

• Grip or traction

• Maintenance 

Here are some top options you might want to look at:

Tile –  Stone and ceramic floors are waterproof, scratch & stain resistant, easy to clean and long lasting. 

Pros: Durable, waterproof, little to no maintenance, great for cleaning up messes

Cons: Warmth and traction can be a problem for 4-legged friends, but an area rug or a pet bed can help them stay cozy and safe.


Luxury Vinyl Plank – An affordable, low maintenance floor with so many options now, it’s easy to find vinyl floors with safe, textured surfaces and a scratch-resistant top layer.

Pros: Waterproof, scratch resistant, easy to clean, low maintenance, good traction for pets.

Cons:  Softer than tile, subject to deeper scratches or denting, may fade in areas with direct sunlight.


Cork – Cork flooring is a great, eco-friendly option for anyone.  It’s soft, warm, sound insulating, and naturally microbial – making it resistant to mould and bacteria growth. 

Pros:  Insulating, antimicrobial, great traction or grip for walking, eco-friendly, affordable.

Cons:  Scratch resistant but not scratch-proof due to it’s soft nature (keeping claws clipped can really help!), may discolour in prolonged direct sunlight, not waterproof.

Of course, these are just a handful of suggestions. Speak to a flooring expert for more information and help finding the right floors for the whole family!

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